I forgot my username. Is there another way to login?

I forgot my username. Is there another way to login?

Please check again, how did you login the first time.
- Using your email
- Using your G+
- Using your Facebook

You did not have a username or password when you originally logged in, because you might have logged in using different method, which are Facebook or G+

You should go the login page and select your original sign in choice

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    • How to login HotNow App using Google account?

      The flow is the following: open HotNow App > select menu > select login > select G+ > select G+ account from pop-up > you have logged in.
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      HotNow does not save data of your private key. If you forgot your private key, your private key cannot be recovered. Your only option will be to create a new wallet. When you create a new wallet, we do cannot recover the amount of HOT from your old ...
    • I forgot my password. How to reset my password?

      If you have forgotten your password, on the login page it has a Forgot Password option near the bottom of the screen, follow the directions as it instructs.
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      If a user follows a company, they will get a notification if the company creates any new promotions If a user saves a promotion, they will automatically be forced to follow the company (who created the promotion) and they will then receive ...
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      You must download HotNow: ​ > Use the same method of login as you did when you originally registered (Facebook, G+ or HotNow signup) > If you used Facebook or G+ make sure to use the same account or if you used HotNow sign in use the same ID and ...